Friday, 23 November 2012

Boom Shakalaka Presents: Baltik Bass vol. 2

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In 2010, we presented the world with a new genre of electronic folk music called Baltik Bass. By 2011 we had created enough of the new sound to put together a compilation (Baltik Bass Vol. 1), which was well received both among clubbers and folk music enthusiasts.

After the success of the first compilation, we are proud to present the long awaited sequel, and a new batch of electro-folk based on musical traditions from Northern Europe and the Baltic sea region. The second compilation takes the signature sound a step further. Whereas the first volume was almost exclusively based on traditional “pelimanni music”, volume 2 includes collaborations with more contemporary folk music orchestras, such as folk punk group Tundramatiks and Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, who in their music blend Finnish adult folk pop with gypsy traditions from the Balkans. The sound is overall more electronic, which was a conscious decision and natural progression for the music according to DJs Emil and Hermanni, who are mostly responsible for the production on the compilation.

Apart from the bands mentioned above, the compilation features a wide variety of folk musicians - ranging from Swedish folk music superstars Hedningarna and Finnish accordion champions Antti Paalanen and Markku Lepistö to Finland Swedish folk group Sammuls and children’s music band Fröbelin Palikat.

Album artwork

Press release in Finnish and English

Monday, 30 July 2012

Baltic Balkan feat. Banda Dzeta: Katapulta EP

We are proud to present a new remix EP by Lithuanian folk, bass, gypsy, klezmer DJ outfit "Baltic Balkan" and their countrymen Banda Dzeta. The EP is set for release through Maasto Records on all major MP3 store this Friday August 3 2012. Preview the tracks below and pick them up at your local MP3 provider on Friday.

Monday, 7 May 2012

DJ Hermmani vs Fröbelin Palikat: Jumppa

After his contributions to the successful Baltik Bass vol. 1 compilation (2011), DJ Hermanni (aka DJ Svengali) presents more traditional Finnish music with an electronic twist and a touch of Moombahton. This time he is aiming for all the childlike clubbers out there, with a remake of the popular childrenʼs song “Jumppalaulu” (Head, shoulder, knees and toes in English). In the Finnish lyrics of the song by Fröbelin Palikat, the word “butt” (peppu) has been squeezed in between shoulder and knees, which is also emphasised in DJ Hermanniʼs booty shaking version of the popular song.

DJ Hermanniʼs career in Finland spans over a decade and includes, among other things, hosting the popular Kuningassoundi -club, producing reggae artist Nopsajalkaʼs solo albums and JVGʼs gold selling album, plus making remixes for artists like Paleface, Elokuu and Tundramatiks.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Maasto records presents: 'World lounge'

Over the last few years I have, in addition to four to the floor club sessions, played a lot of lounge, bar and radio sets. I was going to put together a selection of my favorite groovy lounge tunes, but quickly realized there were way too many songs I wanted to fit into the mix. So, I decided to start a personal mixtape series with midtempo tracks under the umbrella term "World lounge". To kick the series off, I am releasing two mixes. The volumes have a slightly different mood, but compliment each other in a nice way. Part one is sunny, positive and upbeat, and part two is more melancholic and dark. Both mixes contain songs I have enjoyed a lot to and I think the individual tracks resonate well from each other and create a coherent entity, despite the fact that they are from different parts of the world. Genres and styles on the two first volumes include, but is not restricted to: Arabic Pop, Afrobeat, Bhangra, Cumbia, Highlife, Hiplife, Kizomba, Kwaito, Latin soul, Manele, Musica Popular Brasileira, Reggaeton, Samba, Zouk.

I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do!

-Dj Emil

Vol. 1: SUN

1. Stefano Miele feat. Daniele Durante - Dumineca Matina
2. Systema Solar - Fayaguaya aka Firewire
3. Los Labios - Bus Estacion
4. Florin Peste - Zi de mi-e dor de tine
5. Ana Rosely - Skim dum dum dum
6. Hamid El Shari - Kona Fi Jara
7. Mirage - Grove (Just the two of us)
8. Kassav' - Soleil
9. Tony Harmony feat. Triple M - My Body
10. The Mgababa Queens - Maphuti (Captain Planet Remix)
11. Solo Moderna - Sonido Pueble (Dixone Remix)
12. Enege feat. Ckriz - Hoy Me Olvido De Ti
13. Oaistar - Cherie (Canalh Remix)
14. Kaka Bhainiawala - Esharah
15. Dj Kesmo - Laisse Les (Max le Daron Remix)
16. Brown Dash - M'gezeni
17. Sabo & Zeb - Sanguebom (J-Boogie Remix)
18. Di Melo - A Vide Em Seus Metodos Diz Calma
19. Ahmed Fakroun - Soleil Soleil
20. September - Florida
21. Jorge Ben - Oe oe

Vol. 2: MOON

1. Aska - Htela bih da si tu
2. T-Vice - A-Zero
3. Khaled - Ya Rayi
4. Teta Lando - Angole (Mauricio Pacheco Remix)
5. Tony Lenta - Mi Chama
6. Sweet Micky - Se Ou Mwen Vle
7. Hamid El-Shari - Sadek
8. Cristi Dules, Luci 1One & ASU - Dulce Si Sexy
9. Irmaos Verdades - Isabella
10. Boushra - Koli Youm
11. Gashka & Liviu Pustiu - Baitetii Cu Bani
12. Morgana si Susanu - Aveai tot ce-ti Doreai
13. Farruko feat. Daddy Yankee & Yomo - Pa' Romper La Discoteca
14. Tito El Bambino - Barquito
15. Carole Samaha - Adwaa El Shohra
16. Brownout - Olvidalo
17. Ahmed Fakroun - Love Words

Monday, 25 April 2011

Boom Shakalaka Presents: Baltik Bass Vol. 1 - Out now!

It's been all over the blogs already, and I'm the last one to inform about it. But the highly anticipated Baltik bass vol. 1 is here, and it's free for now! Pick it up from sound cloud:

Press release:

This EP features a new style of electronic world music, based on folk music from the Baltic sea region. The Helsinki/Finland based Boom shakalaka DJ team, responsible for compiling the EP, are known in their hometown as world club music specialists. Apart from hosting a world music radio show on the popular urban radio station Basso radio, DJs Emil, Rideon and Svengali regularly play global bass music in dance clubs around Finland.

Being constantly in contact with music from around the world, the DJs also wanted to spread traditional music from the area surrounding them. However, for the sweet accordion rhythms and fiddle harmonies to work in the dance clubs, it needed some remixing. One thing lead to another and the Boom shakalaka team eventually ended up with a whole new sound and genre on their hands, which got the name ʻBaltik bassʼ.

“When working with these remixes, we didnʼt want to restrict our style according to the boarders of some nation-state, instead we want to point to the similarities in the musical folklore from a larger region. We refer to the sea for its historic importance as a logistic centre and as a symbol of openness and multiculturalism”, declares DJ Emil.

Despite the link to local folk music, the producers feel that their music is global and that it resonates with a global trend in electronic music focusing on different regional musical cultures. One indication of the global appeal of baltik bass, is the massive support that the first promotional track, sent out in the summer of 2010, got from DJs and blogs worldwide. The word quickly got around and this first Baltik bass EP features Serbian folk bass superstars Shazalakazoo, who give a go at retweeking classic Finnish folk music.

The EP is the first in a series of releases to present new world/folk music from Northern Europe and the Baltic sea region and the artists hope that this will inspire more producers from the area to create similar material.

Also available in most digital stores:
DJ Download

Friday, 18 March 2011

Baltik bass

The highly anticipated EP 'Boom shakalaka presents: Baltik bass vol.
1' is completed and will be released in April!

While you are waiting, we are giving away this tune by Dj Emil and
Finnish accordion superstar Markku Lepistö, not featured on the album.
It is however a a sample of what the new genre, labelled 'baltik bass'
can sound like.
DJ Emil vs Markku Lepistö - Thunderbird by Maasto Records

And check out the video:

Baltik Bass from Maasto Records on Vimeo.

The EP will be the the first in a series of releases to present new
world/folk/bass/club music from Northern Europe and the Baltic sea

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Old site

Just to let you know, the old site will still be up for a while at:

And in case you are looking for this tune:

...a 320k mp3 can be downloaded here.